Fire Tower Participated in Urban Timber Design Competition


Urban Timber Exhibit

Exhibition Opening:
June 26, 2014
Exhibition Closing:
September 30, 2014

Urban Timber: From Seed to City

This exhibition, on display at BSA Space, 290 Congress Street  Boston, celebrates wood as the region’s most sensible and abundant choice of material for urban building, highlighting its flexibility and technical qualities, including timber's potential to combat climate change.

On display, and the result of an open competition, are four winning projects proposed by emerging architects featuring innovative structural uses of timber. The winners collaborated with mentor architects, engineers, and material suppliers to install their unseen installations in the gallery.

M2X3 Exhibit at Urban Timber Exhibit

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Project Description

Contemporary engineered lumber reduces a massive material into thin sheets, or particles, and reassembles the pieces, gaining additional strength while using less material. M2X3 replaces traditional timber framing joinery with a laminated veneer system, merging structure and surface.
Recognizing New England’s wood building vernacular while exploring the potential of contemporary engineered lumber, M2X3 has crafted a progressive tectonic system for application in midrise construction.
Maximizing on the ability of wood to be used as both a tensile and compressive member, bending tests were conducted to determine timber’s ability to achieve complex curvatures with varying board widths. These tests showed the intensely diverse range of curvature achievable with wood, which are typically not investigated. This range proves engineered wood can diversify framing systems to more precisely adapt to climate constraints and urban site conditions. In addition, there is potential for variety of interior sectional configurations, whereas traditional timber structures rely on a limiting orthogonal post and beam assembly.

Ben Brungraber worked as the engineering consultant on this project developed by Unalam, a custom Glulam manufacturer.