We love pushing the boundaries.

And value any opportunity to expand the capabilities of timber frames and other unconventional building methods.

Our successful projects have included the applications of:

Straw Bales – A renewable resource that acts as excellent insulation, straw bales are easy to build with and offer great wall depth. Using straw bales as building blocks has become a common and popular practice.

Rammed Earth – Similar to the clay/sand alchemy of adobe, rammed earth blocks are compressed into forms with easy-to-manage flat vertical surfaces.  Ramming earth to create walls is at least as old as the Great Wall of China.

Cob Building – An ancient building material consisting of straw, clay, sand, water and earth, cob has demonstrated great resilience to fire and seismic activity, and can be manipulated into artistic, sculptural forms.

Tree Houses – Fire Tower has elevated this old backyard tradition to a new art, creating lofty timber frame structures specially designed to adapt to their hosting trees.